Chief Technology Officer

Production and support of the technology component for a results-driving SaaS used in the recruitment and staffing industry. 

Digital Infusion is marketing innovation leader in recruiting and staffing.

In 2021 the primary offering of Digital Infusion is a content creation and management service called RBIQ.  Combining a unique process with a technology that magnifies the content’s performance, RBIQ demonstrates dramatic increase in the effectiveness of recruitment efforts and spend.

Jason Pelish is the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for design, delivery and maintenance and support  of the proprietary RBIQ technology. His experience in web hosting, content management systems, distributed system management, licensing and upgrade lets the Digital Infusion team do whatever they dream, leading the recruiting and staffing industry with innovation.

The RBIQ system matured beyond pilot programs in 2020 and went into full effect for multiple recruitment brands in 2021. Clients are able to query the system 24/7 as SaaS via REST API. Updates can be automatically pulled by existing installations without impacting content layers.

The most impactful potential of RBIQ is yet to come and is going to dwarf the incredible gains already objectively demonstrated.