Implementation Support Technician

One of the first jobs Jason had in his professional career was at age 15. He assisted Jim Davis, owner of PCC Inc., in implementing a multi-user enterprise management system that Mr. Davis designed.

PCC Inc. was a company founded by Jim Davis, an IBM software engineer. It was located in Boca Raton, FL. Jason was leveraged as a part-time worker, helping Mr. Davis implement an instance of an enterprise management system designed to serve the window treatment industry. The client for the software was a Fort Lauderdale company, Designs in Blinds. The system was comprised of integrated Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Inventory Control modules used by different roles in the company. The system existed and was used before 10baseT networks were standard, before TCP-IP. The computers were connected together in a primitive network configuration called a Token Ring. All the computers were monochrome terminals and some even had the keyboard and monitor in the same component.

Driving to the site, to the window treatment factory in Fort Lauderdale was a challenge for Jason as he was too young to have a drivers license, but his parents weighed the risks and benefits, trusted him, and let Jason use their car to come and go, enabling him to perform his role as Mr. Davis needed. He was pretty large and mature looking for his age at the time, so Jason was never stopped or questioned about it by anyone. They must have assumed he was older; many people did and this worked to Jason’s benefit often when he was young.