Programmer & Designer is an online streaming radio station located in the heart of Miami Beach, FL – above the Lincoln Road Mall. During the acceleration of the Internet, before 2001, Jason worked directly with Ray Willig building the streaming technology and content database, positioning the company for VC money that sustained the brand until syndication through was affirmed. 

The Womb/Krib/Mezz TV networks provides worldwide 24/7 multimedia broadcasts of live music performances and mixes. The Company broadcasts to a monthly audiences of over 1.5 million in over 100 countries and enjoys tremendous loyalty through superior product delivery and peer to peer viral marketing support. Further, The Company’s distribution channels and networks include almost 1000 other Internet sites that directly link to The Womb/Krib/Mezz TV and around 120 college radio stations in North America that carry The Company’s programming.

In 2000 The Company’s live broadcasts were chosen and syndicated by Terra Lycos networks as their global Terra DJ for use by their 90 million customers on all their websites and portals around the world. In January 2002, WombMusic developed the first global club dance music digital download stores. The Company also recently created the world’s first real time interactive digital download systems where audiences can purchase multimedia content as it is being played and performed.

Before YouTube, hosting, serving and streaming video was no small chore. Developers today take for granted the abilities YouTube offers, but old-school developers like Jason remember what it was like to have to do-it-yourself.  Jason co-developed the streaming, content management and publishing technology that promoted and served the daily broadcasts. Each day new talent would record electronic music sessions in the 13th Street studios. Jason leveraged his streaming and content management skills perfected during his work with THE BOX to yield a world-class streaming and cataloging system for technology – now deprecated by YouTube.