Synergizing Vision and Ability

Synergizing Vision and Ability

/balancing and focusing extremely wide knowledge & skills

For over 35 years I’ve been producing unique tools and methodologies for experts to be excellent, presenting ideas and information in new ways that help people and businesses meet challenging goals. Balancing analysis and synthesis, a dual-brained approach combining design and technical discipline, I’ve been able to focus my creative energy in effective directions, towards worthwhile endeavors, achieving a lot.


Born into a family of artists, surrounded for a lifetime by masters in their media, practicing art beyond decoration or appeasement. Dedicated to the purpose of art, the meta-media, the root of creativity. Inventing new ideas and revealing eternal truths though elements that resonate in the minds of all living creatures, packaged with love in today’s mores. Transforming minds and opinions through irresistible draw on the senses, layering dimensions of impressions, explaining with stories and metaphor, stirring deep motivations.


. creative production, envisioning, drawing, storyboarding, scripting, writing, recording, filming, editing, programming, animating


Breaking down the data, revealing hidden patterns, aiding experts to draw their conclusions. Everything has order, has reasons for being, has roots in what determined it. Things intentionally destroyed leave a hole in their absence. Looking backward, cataloging and bringing fresh understanding to the knowledge at hand, reveals new information valuable to the future.  Advanced approaches to analysis impossible with off-the-shelf tools. Retrieval of real-time data sources, compiled and reported through proprietary interfaces, yielding competitors unfair advantages. Databases, real-world data collection instrumentation, integrated through the power of the Internet.

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