2vu.me – URL Shortening Domain System

2vu.me is a private URL Shortening system.
When QR codes first emerged cellphone cameras were not up to the task of reading most QR codes in print. Multiple factors caused an inability to scan lots of QR codes people were using at the time in print: The resolution on the printing, capture resolution of cameras, and the number of “blocks” in the QR code. By making the URLS encoded in QRs short, “chunkier” QR codes could be created that were far easier to scan. QR codes contain a minimum of 21 blocks by 21 blocks – this results in codes that are easiest to scan. URLs published under the domain 2vu.me are capable of being used to generate these types of blocks, for example in the shortened URL for the main promo page of Art Gallery Plugin http://2vu.me/a

Alternative Headline: Private URL Shortening System
Abstract: 2vu.me is a domain used to serve shortened URLS for redirection, like bit.ly, but with advanced features only a privately run domain can manage.
Same As: https://2vu.me
Creative Work Status: Published
Date Created: 2011-06-01
Copyright Year: 2011
Is Family Friendly?: True

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