MI360 – Marketing Information Management System

SaaS Enterprise Marketing Management System: Mi360 is a SaaS platform of very unique, custom features integrated into one centralized, enterprise level Marketing Information Management System published and offered exclusively by Massive Impressions.
Media Planning Tool: MI360 was developed initially to coordinate Massive Impressions team and stakeholders managing massive media buys. It allowed fairly comparing performance of ad insertions on different media, with different publishers and publications, on different ad networks and using different offers and messaging.
Campaign ID Generation & Management: Insertions across a varieties of publications, tactics and locations justify tagging each insertion with a campaign ID, a unique identifier that helps keep track of exactly where visitors come from. Mi360 generated campaign IDs for planned insertions, used during ad runs, and afterwards to compare results on a granular level if necessary.
Analytics & Campaign Tracking: Mi360 gained direct client site request logging, adding page view and visitor info analytics far more accurate and precise than 3rd party analytics systems like Webtrends and Google Analytics.
Social Media Management & Posting: As social media became more important to brands, the responsibilities of managing hundreds of local branch level presences exceeded the capabilities and performance capacities of 3rd party systems like Hootsuite and Sprout Social. This functionality, managing social presences, posting to them, and measuring the effects of posting on social media sites became part of Mi306’s suite of abilities.
RSS Feed Automatic Posting: Though Leaders using Mi360 needed ways to get their blog posts pushed out to hundreds of social sites with a minimum effort. RSS Autoposting was built into Mi360, integrating each post on each presence with its own unique, autogenerated campaign ID value.

Mi360 is still offered by Massive Impressions for large corporations exclusively, as part of a service where Massive Impressions manages ad buys, media planning and/or social posting for the client. Read more about it here: https://www.massiveimpressions.com/social-media-management-mi360/

Alternative Headline: Enterprise Marketing Information Management System
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