Self Portrait in Skip’s Attic

Self Portrait of Jason Pelish using charcoal and white pencil on rosin paper

This is one of a series of drawings done on rosin paper, done with charcoal and white pencil. Jason leveraged a computer display projector and Photoshop to project the outlines of the design on paper. After the initial outlines were done in #2 pencil the charcoal was used to fill in the dark and light values, referencing the initial digital image photo visually.

Primary Artist:
Art Medium:
charcoal , colored pencil
Artwork Surface:
rosin paper
Art Form: Drawing
Dimensions: 2.5 feet x 4 feet
Jason Pelish , trying on glasses
Content Reference Time: When Jason and Lisa cleaned out Lisa's father's house, after his passing.
Temporal: Going through items in Skip's attic.
Spatial: the attic in Skip's house in Blue Point, NY
Spacial Coverage: Blue Point, the south shore of Long Island, New York
Keywords: Jason Pelish, self portrait, charcoal, rosin paper, round glasses
Creative Work Status: Published
Copyright Year: 2017
Location Created: Boca Raton, FL on Jason's back porch
Is Family Friendly?: True
Material Extent: the full width of a section from a roll of rosin paper

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