Building High-End Computers & Systems

Jason has always built computers and modified them to improve their performance. Video gaming puts high demands on computers, so Jason has been tweaking whatever machines he can get his hands on since he was 11.

Jason has been extremely advantaged with exposure to technology early on. He was born in an IBM town in Upstate NY and moved to an IBM town, Boca Raton, the birthplace of the personal computer, when he was in middle school, shortly after completing computer programming course at SUNY, New Paltz at age 11. He’s always been able to collect an abundance of hardware, code, apps and experienced assistance with whatever novel electronic device or digital system that interests him, and few don’t.

He’s assembled literally hundreds of computers and computer appliances. Being a scientist exposed him to the need to integrate digital equipment with computers and then integrate those computers together into super-fast networks. Doing digital production and art has allowed him to collect a unique range of skills, working with and designing digital production systems.

He won’t fix your computer for you, but he’ll tell you why it’s time to upgrade instead.