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Chief Technology Officer

Digital Infusion - Recruitment Brand IQ (RBIQ)

Production and support of the technology component for a results-driving SaaS used in the recruitment and staffing industry. Digital Infusion is marketing innovation leader in recruiting and staffing.(more…)

Partner, Digital Marketer

Massive Impressions Online Marketing

Ran an online marketing company promoting a diverse range of highly successful clients. Produced online media and promotions for F1000 level companies seeking to position themselves as digital leaders in their industries.(more…)


Digital Marketing Technologist & Strategist

Randstad, Spherion, Mergis, Technisource, Tatum and Sourceright

Internal Consultant/Producer for Randstad, a global staffing company. In January 2012 Randstad completed their acquisition of SFN Group's family of brands, Spherion, The Mergis Group, SourceRight Solutions, Technisource, Today's Office Professionals and Tatum. Jason's integrated digital marketing efforts, working with each of the branded teams, were part of what positioned these brands for the acquisition.(more…)

Marketing Analyst & Consultant


Analysis and Consultation Executed several high level marketing analysis, production and consultation projects for several Aflac corporate divisions in the Aflac Headquarters in Columbus, Georgia.(more…)


Science Information System Engineer

KSA Laboratories

Designed and deployed the IT Infrastructure of an state-of-the-art analytical chemistry laboratory. Oversaw the deployment of instrumentation, software and LIMS systems. Trained lab personnel in use of LIMS and its integration with instruments and accounting systems.(more…)

Product Manager & Project Manager

STARLIMS - Now Abbot Laboratories

Developed multi-user n-tier database systems for laboratories, laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Served multiple industries including Healthcare, Public Health, Pharma, Environmental, Petrochemical and more.(more…)


Programmer & Designer

THEWOMB.COM - Electronic Music Streaming from South Beach, Miami is an online streaming radio station located in the heart of Miami Beach, FL - above the Lincoln Road Mall. During the acceleration of the Internet, before 2001, Jason worked directly with Ray Willig building the streaming technology and content database, positioning the company for VC money that sustained the brand until syndication through was affirmed.  (more…)

Owner/Operator – Web Developer – Digital Media Technologist


Digital Media Production and Consultation for businesses in the South Florida.Ran a consulting company, solving problems using web based communications, applications and technologies. Clients included broadcasting companies, record labels, hospitality industry leaders, publishers, internet service providers and other early-web innovators.(more…)


Webmaster, Digital Media Developer, Online Video on Demand Designer

THE BOX - Music Video YOU Control - Now Viacom

Pioneered online and broadcast video-on-demand technology for a music video network in Miami Beach, FL.When the web became public, THE BOX asked Jason to be their webmaster, to help THE BOX take advantage of the phenomenon of the web.(more…)

Environmental Analytical Chemist

Spectrum Laboratories

Used state-of-the art analytical chemistry equipment and software to perform pollution, nutrient and basic testing on water and soil. Managed multiple laboratory departments, administering the flow of samples, analysts, resources, and reports to satisfy State and Federal testing protocols.(more…)


Bouncer and Street Barker

Florida Atlantic University Center Rathskellar & Upstairez Bar- Key West

Jason profited from his physical presence, and his urge to put other's safety over his own. Being a bouncer meant maintaining order and honor among his fellow FAU students while they imbibed at the University Center's Rathskellar. He also took on a bouncer/barker role for his family's bar in Key West, Upstairez.(more…)

Park Ranger

City of Boca Raton Parks Department

Performed Park Ranger duties for the City of Boca Raton.Trained as a first responder to protect people, he held a Federal Sea Turtle Handling License and protected the environment. Acted as Environmental Interpreter at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.(more…)


Event Organizer & Caterer

Ocean Properties Limited, Holiday Inn Delray, Highland Beach and Boca Raton

Jason worked for Ocean Properties Limited, at the Delray Beach Holiday Inn on A1A and Atlantic Blvd. He also worked at the other Holiday Inn locations owned and operated by this same company. His duties primarily included helping plan, design, set up, serve, clean up and interface with customers and guests during catered events. He also helped do miscellaneous jobs for the Food and Beverage Department, waiting tables and interfacing with clients to help fill in where needed.(more…)

Artist Emeritus for World’s Largest Art Project

The Tethys Project - Worldwide

The Tethys Project, conceived produced and executed by Robert Schuler, was the largest art project in the world. It involved dropping 500 lb granite blocks around the globe, carved with messages and symbols. Jason carved these designs into many of the blocks.(more…)


Implementation Support Technician

PCC Inc.

One of the first jobs Jason had in his professional career was at age 15. He assisted Jim Davis, owner of PCC Inc., in implementing a multi-user enterprise management system that Mr. Davis designed.(more…)


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